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Peter Skopec,

Statement by WISPIRG Director Peter Skopec Ahead of Transportation Budget Meeting

For Immediate Release

As the Joint Finance Committee finalizes the biennial transportation budget, WISPIRG Director Peter Skopec issued the following statement in advance of today’s JFC meeting:

“We urge the Joint Finance Committee not to enumerate the proposed I-94 East-West expansion in the biennial budget. This year’s transportation budget gives us an opportunity to turn a corner by funding what matters. We encourage state leaders to prioritize maintenance of existing infrastructure and investments in public transit, walking and biking options that connect a growing number of seniors, young people, and Wisconsinites with disabilities to the places they want to go.

We need a 21st century transportation system that leans into new technologies and makes the most of changing demographics and transportation preferences. Giving the green light to the billion-dollar I-94 East-West project would divert resources away from urgent needs, like fixing existing roads and highways statewide, or funding public transportation systems that connect Wisconsinites to work, the doctor’s office and leisure opportunities. Enumerating yet another highway expansion we can’t afford to finish would also draw out our transportation funding crisis for years to come.”



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