Report: Fighting The High Cost Of Rx Drugs

Top 20 Pay for Delay Drugs

How Drug Industry Payoffs Delay Generics, Inflate Prices and Hurt Consumers
Released by: WISPIRG

Too often, consumers are forced to shoulder a heavy financial burden, or even go without needed medicine, due to the high cost of brand-name drugs. Our research indicates that one significant cause is the practice called “pay for delay,” which inflates the drug prices paid by tens of millions of Americans.

In a pay-for-delay deal, a brand-name drug company pays off a would-be competitor to delay it from selling a generic version of the drug. Without any competition, the brand-name drug company can demand unreasonably high prices for its drug.

This list of 20 drugs known to be impacted by pay-for-delay deals represents the tip of the iceberg. Annual reports by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) indicate that generic versions of as many as 142 brand-name drugs have been delayed by pay-for-delay arrangements between drug manufacturers since 2005. 

However, because the details of these deals rarely become public, consumers have largely been kept in the dark about the extent of the problem. Information about these 20 specific drugs affected by pay-for-delay deals has been made public thanks to legal challenges brought by the FTC, consumer class action lawsuits, research by legal experts, and public disclosures by drug makers.

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