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New Report: Long-Term Drop in How Much Wisconsinites Drive, Youth Desire More Transportation Options

A new report by the WISPIRG Foundation and the Frontier Group demonstrates that Wisconsinites, like drivers across the country, have been driving less since the middle of the last decade. The report, Transportation and the New Generation: Why Young People are Driving Less and What it Means for Transportation Policy, shows that young people in particular are decreasing the amount they drive and increasing their use of transportation alternatives.

News Release | WISPIRG | Transportation

Wisconsin Mayors, WISPIRG Applaud Congressman Petri’s Vote Against House Transportation Bill

With the House Ways and Means Committee proposal to deprive mass transit of a dedicated funding source moving out of committee in the last 2 weeks, Congressman Tom Petri (R-WI) stood up for transit and its importance to local communities across Wisconsin by voting against the House Transportation Bill.

With much fanfare and 854 days late, the U.S. House last week introduced bills to fund our nation's transportation system for the next five years. The new rules for spending $260 billion over five years would be tilted more toward highways with less going to buses, rail, biking and pedestrian trails. Given the nation's urgent need to reduce our addiction to oil, that in itself would have been a tragedy.

News Release | WISPIRG | Transportation

House Proposal Threatens to Defund Public Transportation

Statement of WISPIRG’s Kyle Bailey on the House Ways and Means Committee title (H.R. 3864) of the surface transportation bill to fund all federal investment in transportation over the next five years.

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WI Radio Network: State bridges need repair

As President Obama makes the push to spend billions of dollars rebuilding the nation’s infrastructure, a new report suggests Wisconsin could use the attention. Kyle Bailey of WISPIRG says a review done by the public policy group found one out of every 12 bridges in the state is in need of some type of repair.

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Fixing It First

With President Obama calling for robust investments in repairing America's crumbling roads and bridges today, WISPIRG released data today documenting the number of "structurally deficient" bridges in Wisconsin.

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Data Shows One in Twelve Bridges in Wisconsin Remain Structurally Deficient on Eve of Obama Bridge Speech

With President Obama calling for robust investments in repairing America’s crumbling roads and bridges today, WISPIRG released data today documenting the number of “structurally deficient” bridges in Wisconsin.

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Wisconsin Watch: Road builders brew up public support

If you listen to Milwaukee Brewers’ games on the radio, chances are you’ve heard it. Amid the endless — and, by about game two of the 162-game season, tedious — commercials for Miller Lite and the Wisconsin Lottery are a pair of classy ads from the Wisconsin Transportation Builders Association, a state lobby group.

Media Hit | Transportation

Biz Beat: Aging boomers need transit, report warns

Millions of aging baby boomers getting behind the wheel of a car is enough to frighten any demographer or traffic cop. But with funding for local transit service facing some $14 million in cuts in the proposed state budget, a new report warns that seniors may soon not have safe alternatives to get around.

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Aging in Place, Stuck Without Options

The first baby boomers turn 65 years old this year and seniors in eight Wisconsin metro areas are in danger of being unable to get around. The largest generation in history, Boomers are also the most dependent on automobile travel. Yet by 2015, more than half of seniors ages 65 and older in these eight Wisconsin cities will live in communities with poor options for people who do not drive, according to a new report.


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