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Ed Mierzwinski
Senior Director, Federal Consumer Program

Yesterday’s announcement of a new report finding stupefying amounts of medical debt on consumer credit reports continues the Biden CFPB’s focus on identifying and responding to consumer pain points caused by a financial marketplace that doesn’t always work for consumers. The CFPB has your back!

Photo courtesy Americans for Financial Reform, All rights reserved.

When it comes to selling stoves, there’s no better way to enrich lives than by helping families choose electric options that are safe and clean.

The climate enemy you didn’t realize was hiding in your kitchen.

Matt Damon strides past images of humankind’s boldest explorers: ocean voyagers, early aeronauts, mountaineers in a new cryptocurrency ad. If this were an ad for a new drug, or a regulated financial product, you’d expect the images of boldness and bravery to be accompanied by a lengthy disclaimer. You don't. Find out more.

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Emily Rogers
Zero Out Toxics, Advocate

Much of our outdoor clothing and gear is waterproofed using toxic PFAS chemicals, but a few industry leaders are beginning to recognize it's not worth the impacts on our health and environment.

Increasing compost can quickly and efficiently decrease methane emissions in landfills and restore soil health.