Google’s parent company, Alphabet*, faces shareholder proposal because of history of repair restrictions

Buy now, pay later apps give consumers the flexibility of paying for purchases in installments, but that convenience comes at a cost. Besides being unregulated and full of fine print, these companies have one ultimate goal: get you to buy more stuff, and go into debt to do it.

 | by
Danielle Melgar
Food & Agriculture Advocate

Many of us use this time of year to reflect on what we want to do differently in the year ahead. One resolution that could really help the planet? Reducing your foodprint.

The national chain prides itself on being a green grocer, but in reality, their promises fall short. Here are 10 steps that Whole Foods should take – many of which have already been taken by other retailers – to be more sustainable and ultimately be an industry leader once again.

 | by
Mike Litt
Director, Consumer Campaign

Most airlines are only offering vouchers, not refunds, when passengers cancel their flights due to concerns including COVID-19.