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The new Congress is planning on taking up a vote on repealing the health care reform act. A public interest group’s new study shows that would be very costly for consumers. Shannon Nelson with WISPIRG says if the law is repealed, $3000 more a year would have to be shouldered for health care costs by an individual and their employer, if that coverage comes through the job.

Nelson says protections on pre-existing conditions would also be gone. Insurers could once again deny coverage for pre-existing conditions, something 24-percent of Wisconsinites have.

The federal law faces a challenge in court as numerous states question the constitutionality of requiring everyone to buy health insurance, but Nelson sees benefit in mandating coverage. She cites a Massachusetts state law  requiring minimal coverage has resulted in a 40-percent reduction for individual premiums.

“We think that if asking everyone to pay their fair share results in that kind of savings. That’s a pretty good deal.”

Proponents of repealing the health law passed last year consider it a future burden financially that will cost more for the government than anticipated. 

Although State Attorney General JB Van Hollen’s previous effort in joining the multistate lawsuit was shot down by then-Governor Jim Doyle, he has since been a green light by Governor Scott Walker.

Van Hollen says the Florida attorney general plans to file a motion this week seeking to add Wisconsin and three other states to the suit, which would encompass roughly half the US. That filing had been expected Monday, but it was put off due to the assassination attempt on Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.

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