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News Release | WISPIRG | Higher Ed

New Report: Cutting Interest Rates In Half Would Save Working And Middle Class Wisconsin Students Thousands Of Dollars In Debt

A Congressional proposal to cut student loan interest rates in half will save the average lower and middle income borrower $4,420 over the life of their loans, according to a new report by WISPIRG.

News Release | WISPIRG | Health Care

National Survey Shows Uninsured Americans Pay Higher Prices For Prescription Drugs

Uninsured consumers in Madison pay 61% more for common prescription drugs than what the drug companies charge the federal government, according to Paying the Price, The High Cost of Prescription Drugs for Uninsured Americans, a new Wisconsin Public Interest Research Group report released today.

News Release | WISPIRG | Consumer Protection

WISPIRG Study Finds Cell Phone Companies Have Failed Consumers

Consumer complaints about cell phones and service are skyrocketing, far outpacing the significant growth of the industry, according to a study released today by the Wisconsin Public Interest Research Group (WISPIRG). Can You Hear Us Now? A report on how the cell phone industry has failed consumers, chronicles the proliferation of confusing calling plans, billing errors, hidden fees, dropped calls, spotty signal coverage, inadequate customer service and excessive contract termination fees.


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