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Wisconsin the focus for next stage of health reform

The new federal health care reform law puts state leaders in the driver’s seat, according to a new report by the Wisconsin Public Interest Research Group (WISPIRG).

News Release | WISPIRG | Health Care

Final Health Bill Report Card

The final health care bill, incorporating both the Senate health reform bill and the amendments announced March 18th, earns an A- for its all-around cost containment provisions.

News Release | WISPIRG | Health Care

WISPIRG Statement on House Passage of Health Reform

The passage of health reform last night is a huge step forward for Wisconsin. It could not have happened if Wisconsin Representatives like Ron Kind and Steve Kagen had not put Wisconsin interests ahead of powerful Washington lobbies like the health insurance industry.

News Release | WISPIRG | Health Care

Small Business-owners Meet Senators, White House & Deliver a Message: Small Businesses Need Real Health Reform

As Congress prepares for floor debates on health reform this week, the owners of over 130 small businesses from across the country flew into Washington, D.C., with one simple yet urgent message: America's small businesses need real health reform.

News Release | WISPIRG | Health Care

Local Small Business: “If I Ran My Business the Way Health Care Does, I’d Have to Shut My Doors”

Wisconsin small business owners are being crushed by rising health care costs according to a new report released by Wisconsin Public Interest Research Group today.

News Release | WISPIRG | Health Care

Good Government Group Debunks Insurance Industry's Attacks on Reform

The newly released report on health care costs released by accounting giant Price Waterhouse Coopers and paid for by the insurance lobby, America’s Health Insurance Plans, is just one more industry scare tactic, according to the good government and consumer group Wisconsin Public Interest Research Group.

News Release | WISPIRG | Health Care

New Rules to Deliver Options For 14,700 Young Adults in Wisconsin

New WISPIRG guide explains health care options for young people and their families.

News Release | WISPIRG | Health Care

Small Business Owners Reach Out to Congress to Support Health Reform

Yesterday, local business owners called their Representatives and Senators to urge them to support legislation that cuts costs, stops insurance companies from discriminating against people with pre-existing conditions and gives people the option of a public plan. In the first day of calling nearly 400 calls were generated by small businesses nationwide and 50 calls in Wisconsin.

News Release | WISPIRG | Health Care

Amid Bad Economy, Rising Health Care Premiums Slam Consumers, Small Businesses

Even as Americans struggle with a recession and the highest unemployment rate since 1983, health insurance companies have jacked up their premiums again.

News Release | WISPIRG | Health Care

Health Care Reformers Unveil “Health Care Harry”

Passersby in La Crosse’s Burns Park were greeted on Friday by an old childhood friend with a whole new set of maladies. Health Care Harry, an eight-foot tall interactive character based on the Operation game’s “Cavity Sam” stood at Burns Park as health care advocates called for reform. Harry was subject to a number of serious “operations” as locals used giant tweezers to discover what was ailing him – and our whole health care system.


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